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Infotainia Displayment

The Infotainia Director is a versatile, multi-media control interface that allows you to display different content on a screen - TV, video wall, plasma or LCD display - by creating an appealing information and entertainment mix for your customers and visitors.

The simple operation enables you to arrange video files, images, texts and tickers with just a few clicks to create your own informative and individual programm.

The control software and the content files are stored on a host and can be changed every minute with just a few mouse clicks. The standard mode intervals for programming are 1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

Correlated multimedia information can be presented on a single screen 24 hours around the clock:
A presentation video promotes a product, time, date, weather conditions and forecast appear parallely on the screen. An electronic ad presents the company while an information ticker shows actual discounts or company related information.

The content can be positioned, pixel by pixel, depending on customers preferences and all content files can be controlled time based!

infotainia infotainia infotainia

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